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Axe throwing has become extremely popular over the past few years, and now Madd Sports Inc. has brought the fun and excitement to central Utah!

Schedule a session for your group dates, youth group activities, birthday parties, and business retreats. Or, walk-in regular hours and start slinging some're going to have a blast!


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Madd Sports Inc.

Bring your friends and family and compete to see who the best axe thrower is! With a variety of games and rules to play with, everyone can find a game and style they love to play. Come and play professional World Axe Throwing League rules or change it up and play Humans vs. Zombies, Landmines, and more!


Jessica Lavishbby

"I had so much fun going as a group!! I’m definitely going back. Also, had great tasty snacks and drinks! 10/10 recommend."

Hayes Dalton

"The place was really fun. Would recommend. Really good customer service."

Zackary Johnson

"This place is really fun! 10/10 recommend if you are in Richfield."

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